Elevate your game with TON CADDIE

A virtual caddie—just for you!

It’s often difficult to spot obstacles on a golf course, especially if you’re not familiar with the terrain. TON CADDIE drones have been flying over the fairways to bring you an unmatched golfing experience! You can now watch short videos of each hole, get tips from the pros, and learn about the golf course’s features.

TON CADDIE accompanies you on the course

Once you’re on the golf course, simply scan a QR code to access the video galleries and get tips from the pros on every hole. It’s like having a caddie with you who knows the course like the back of their hand!

  • Find out how to play each hole
  • Learn which is the best option for your approach to the green
  • Identify the main obstacles and know how to get around them
  • Improve your putting
  • Be aware of pitfalls and areas to avoid
  • And much more!

From golf enthusiasts to creative entrepreneurs

Michaël Roy, Co-founder

Michaël has been a TV and radio journalist and sports presenter for 20 years. He knows his way around the world of communications and video production. From sports columnist at Salut Bonjour! to news anchor at TVA Sports, he also covered the Olympic Games for Radio-Canada Sports.

A golf player from an early age, he loves the sport, its traditions and the generational shift that’s changing customs and driving innovation. His dream of one day founding his own company came true with TON CADDIE.

Michaël is also the face of the company for golfers. His experience in television production guarantees the quality of TON CADDIE products

Jean-François Milord, Co-founder

It only takes a few minutes with Jean-François to be won over by his can-do attitude and interest in the people around him. A business manager for over 20 years, he has built his network through the lasting, trust-based relationships he forges with those fortunate enough to cross his path.

His passion for golf has been growing ever since he was a teenager. He takes every opportunity to suggest a round to his colleagues or organize a tournament with his friends. He sees himself as the typical player who success in achieving an 87 on Tuesday that turns into a 103 the following Thursday. Competitive and wanting to avoid hitting blind shots , he had the innovative idea of creating TON CADDIE to help all amateur golfers up their games and overcome obstacles on different golf courses.