The Clubhouse

TON CADDIE introduces the members of its Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse brings together members from the golf community and privileged partners of TON CADDIE. Discover their latest releases, products, and exclusive offers for TON CADDIE golfers.

Parisi Golf

Discover our Parisi collection, an elegant and contemporary line of clothing that remains understated, reflecting the precision of golf. Each piece is an interpretation of past heritage with a touch of modernity. With high-quality materials, a tailored fit, and carefully considered details, our Quebec-based brand offers the perfect choice for golfers of all levels.

Prepare to push your limits and reach new heights on the green. By purchasing our products, you support the local economy. Visit our Parisi Golf online store today and experience the difference for yourself.

Voyages Chartier: a comprehensive handling of all your golf trips!

Voyages Chartier stands out for its specialization in tailor-made golf trips, both for groups and individuals. Our experienced team provides professional advice to facilitate the planning of stays, business trips, or leisure travel. Committed to customer satisfaction and peace of mind, we position ourselves as industry leaders in Quebec by offering superior customer experience and expanding our range of services to new markets. Our passionate and experienced advisors share their knowledge and experiences to guide our clients to varied destinations, even the most unusual ones, through a process of continuous training. The friendly experience of executives Jean Baraby and Marie-Claude Lavoie enriches our approach, ensuring our clients receive a warm welcome and friendly collaboration at every stage of their journey.

Welcome to L'académie Vallée du Richelieu

Our mission: Actively enhance the development of sports in Quebec through golf.

Our values: Initiation, improvement, and enjoyment.

We offer high-end services, including private golf lessons taught by experienced professionals, custom club fitting service with all your favorite brands, and a floor equipped with Golf In simulators, allowing you to enjoy over 500 different courses available on the GSPro software.

We are open to the general public!

Come visit us and discover everything our academy has to offer!

Arobas Agency - A Web & Digital Agency

Marc-Antoine, the president of Arobas Agency, a Web & Digital Agency, spends far too much time in his office. He would love to have a valid reason to escape from time to time. If you have a web project, why not invite him for a round of golf? Not only will you have a great day, but you’ll also benefit from valuable advice. It’s a chance to combine business with pleasure and discuss business matters. So, if you’re looking for an excuse for a round of golf with insightful advice, Marc-Antoine is your man!